How Northeast Delta Dental’s Run Walk Volunteer Committee Persevered

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When we are not protecting the healthy smiles of members of our community and providing high-quality oral healthcare, we are creating healthy spaces and opportunities for our employees. Opportunities like a dedicated Run-Walk-Volunteer committee. This special Run-Walk-Volunteer committee promotes employee participation in road races that Northeast Delta Dental sponsors.

As you may have guessed, COVID-19 forced the cancellation of many of the events we had planned during 2020-21, however we were able to pivot and develop a plan to motivate employees to keep active. The Run-Walk-Volunteer committee worked ceaselessly to preserve this special element of Northeast Delta Dental’s core values and culture by planning a series of nine virtual events, called Miles with a Mission, and selected charities in the tri-state area to support each month.

As a result, each month, March through November, between the 15th and the end of the month, employees and a plus one were invited to complete a 5K run, walk or hike. Northeast Delta Dental made a $10 donation to the selected charity for each participant. Participants were given a finisher’s certificate for completing each event and subsequent participation gifts were awarded to those who completed two or more events. At the end of this fantastic series, additional gifts were awarded to those who completed six or more events. 

I am excited to conclude that in the month of April 2021 alone, we had a total of 66 participants, 47 employees representing 20 departments at Northeast Delta Dental. Our employees also spread their joy for participating to their community and network resulting in 19 plus ones joining the series. As of April 30, 51 participants qualify for a ‘pick two’ challenge prize and a $660 donation was made to Preble Street in Portland, Me for the committee’s efforts in just that one month.

I am proud to say that while the normal way we do things at Northeast Delta Dental was shuttered for much of last year, we, with the support of our employees, were able to sustain this special experience and look ahead to what more is possible.

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Tom Raffio
June 2021

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