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Our moderators have the right to edit, delete any comment or post at any time. The following rules and guidelines clarify our practices and provide an explanation of what content may lead to message deletion and/or user bans.

Messages containing intentionally misleading or false information, defamatory content, threats, verbal abuse, harassment, obscenity or personal information about other individuals are not allowed. Comments should be brief and stick to either generally known facts or the facts contained in a news story. Keep a civil tone. Do not make personal attacks or indulging in name-calling. If your item doesn’t get posted or is deleted, tone it down a bit and try again.

Spam: Advertising and spam are not allowed.  Advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes and solicitations are unacceptable. Spamming includes multiple disruptive, meaningless or repetitive messages, or messages posted solely for solicitation. Messages considered advertising, spam, trolling or flaming (as determined by the moderator) can be deleted without warning or explanation.

Fair Use: Do not post entire articles into comments or forums–this is a potential violation of copyright laws. Instead, post a brief summary of the material and a link to the complete source. If you are not sure how much of an article you can legally post, please simply post a link to the material.

If you recently posted a message and cannot find it anywhere, the message may have been deleted because of objectionable content. Feel free to try again or contact the moderator for details

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