Northeast Delta Dental Sponsors the 15th Annual Black New England Conference

Northeast Delta Dental is excited and honored as we continue to sponsor and enjoy the 15th Annual Black New England Conference, a 2-day gathering put on by The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire, an organization that was erected to promote awareness and appreciation of African American history and life in order to build more inclusive communities today. 

The 2021 Black New England Conference explored paths forward from legacies of racism to collective accountability and collective healing. Keynote speakers Berwick Mahdi Davenport, Dr. Robert Livingston, and Yvette Modestin and a wealth of presenters like Chief Wándé Abímbọ́lá and Davarian Baldwin examined the ongoing impacts of enslavement, mass incarceration, unethical medical experimentation, disenfranchisement, and the many harms still perpetrated against people of Black and African descent. 

They also dug deep into the ways traditional spiritual and religious practices serve as sources of strength, hope, resilience, and healing for Black people in the centuries-long struggle for justice. “We have to consider a realignment of resources. Breaking (systems) down to build things up,” shared Davarian Baldwin, Alan Bean, and Kathleen Anderson during their moving panel discussion “A Check Uncashed: Past & Present Projects for Reparations.”

We, like other attendees, were encouraged to have tough conversations and to stand up in order to generate healing and “raise the vibration of inequities.” “We must remove the boundaries and borders that exist through truth and accountability … we need to reconnect with humanity,” expressed Modestin in her keynote address “Guided by the Whispers of the Ancestors.”

And not only that but we were able to join others from around New Hampshire to celebrate and give reverence to this history of resilience, versatility and courage, all of which will help us understand opportunities for growth as well as continue to serve our communities through oral healthcare and overall wellness. 

Stay tuned for future programs from The Black Heritage Trail.

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The Importance of Grandparents’ Day to Northeast Delta Dental

In 1978, then-President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation officially recognizing what we all now know as Grandparents’ Day. “I urge each citizen to pause and to reflect on the influence his [sic] grandparents have had in shaping his own destiny, and on the legacy bestowed upon our contemporary society by his grandparents’ generation,” scribed Carter.

And at Northeast Delta Dental, it is this very influence our grandparents carry, that gives us cause to not only honor their contributions to society, but mirror the ways in which they’ve helped us navigate and change our world, through oral healthcare, for generations to come. We could not serve our ever growing and myriad of communities, without recognizing the foundation of our resolve and core values.

“The elders of each family have the responsibility for setting the moral tone for the family and for passing on the traditional values of our Nation to their children and grandchildren. They bore the hardships and made the sacrifices that produced much of the progress and comfort we enjoy today. It is appropriate, therefore, that as individuals and as a nation, that we salute our grandparents for their contribution to our lives,” shared Carter.

We invite you to join us in celebrating your grandparents. Whether that’s through a virtual hangout, a socially distanced outing, trying something new together, encouraging your children to participate in “Bring Your Grandparents’ to School Day,” or simply seeking out their time to learn more about the world through their eyes. Our grandparents are so important to where we’ve been, and they’re even more essential to where we’re headed. 

Learn more about the history of Grandparents’ Day.

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Northeast Delta Dental Champions Mental Health in Youth

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 17% of youth between the ages of 6-17 experience a mental health disorder. Recently we sat down for our very first Round Table Talk with Jeff Levin, Life Coach, and Justice John Broderick, Former Chief Justice of NH Supreme Court, to discuss the importance of mental health awareness and what it means to reconnect with our youth.

“I didn’t see mental illness for what it was in my own family. But because of that and my own ignorance, when given the opportunity some years later to get involved in a campaign to reach out and help others understand what I didn’t, that’s what got me going,” shares Broderick.

Broderick would eventually cross paths with Levin and connect over mental health initiatives through The Reconnection Project. “We needed some kind of model that would increase students’ mental health. I’ve watched the cultural changes slowly erode their sense of joy and freedom … they no longer have the passport to success and joy and connection that we all were granted without even thinking about it,” stresses Levin.

As champions of mental health, we were eager to ask both advocates why they felt they connected with youth so well, and how they sparked connections. Broderick eagerly shared that “the forces on these kids are very different than when we grew up.” Broderick also spoke of the gratitude students express over his candid, transparent style after working with him.

Some of the techniques that Levin and Broderick use to connect with youth include: music, incorporating active listening, limiting or removing technological distractions, and creating safe spaces where youth can fully express themselves.

“This is a powerful video to raise awareness of mental health, especially in youth. The Genesis Think Tank is certainly important in this as they consider the ultimate health and success of our state,” exclaims Anne Warner Executive Director of Excellence North Alliance

“It’s not okay to pretend you’re okay,” advises Broderick. When speaking of challenges the pair face, Broderick shared the negative influence of virtual worlds and the challenge of accommodating this century with values they grew up with; reconnecting kids, families, and communities to those. “Half of all kids in high school do not feel important to any adult in their community.” He sadly stated.

The Reconnection Project is a three-tiered approach in schools throughout NH involving faculty/teachers, parents, and students, aiming to preserve student mental health by helping them to feel less scared, anxious, and depressed while giving them a passport for joy by engaging all parts of each tier.

Get in touch with us to share your triumph story with Levin and Broderick or reach out to learn about our next Round Table Talk. Again, we hope you’ll take the time to view this important video- Round Table Talk. The mental health of you or someone you love, could depend on it.

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Breakfast with One of the Best: Northeast Delta Dental 

Becoming one of the best companies to work for didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t a solo effort. What Northeast Delta Dental was recently recognized for, on September 30, was years in the making and a conscious commitment to not only the communities we serve, but the employees that help us serve them. That’s why we are overjoyed to have been added to the “Best Companies to Work for Hall of Fame.” Since 1998 we’ve been championing our staff and building what many know now as a “great place to work.”

The Best Companies to Work For in 2021 includes a list of 25 intriguing companies that all persevered despite a global pandemic and recession; these companies were also bold in their strategies and leadership, which were necessary to sustain employee engagement and community outreach. This approach is one that Northeast Delta Dental has adhered to for decades.  

During the pandemic, however, we had to be more aggressive to make sure our people were ok. From providing employees 10 additional days of emergency leave, to our Human Resources department developing a virtual onboarding program that helped us engage new employees and safely meet workers, to biweekly group-coaching sessions to help working parents, Northeast Delta Dental takes care of its employees and we believe that is essential to creating a healthy workplace, not to mention a harmonious corporate culture.

We were honored to participate in this year’s annual “Breakfast with the Best,” a breakfast for the winners of the Business NH Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For 2021, in person. And Jermaine Moore, founder of The Mars Hill Group, a consulting firm that partners with organizations to strengthen their diversity, leadership, and team development led an inspiring keynote. It was a joy to hear him share his perspectives and insights on how diversity and inclusion can make every workplace more fulfilling and more productive.

See the complete list of the Best Companies to Work For 2021.

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Winter Running and Racing Tips

Whether you are joining Northeast Delta Dental for the Snow or No, We Go Trail Series or a Jingle Bell Run, or just a regular training run, we want you to be prepared for any conditions so that you get the most out of your time on the road or trails and join us for years to come. 

Tip #1 Establish a System

When navigating the great outdoors during colder seasons, it’s important to be prepared and build a system. Whether this means you check the forecast ahead of a run, let someone know your route, or have alternate routes in places should weather conditions sour, a good system offers safety and ensures you can enjoy winter recreation at ease.

Tip #2 Craft a Layer Strategy

It might be easy to remove and add layers during warmer weather, not so much when temperatures are falling. When running during the winter months, establishing a good base layer is important as this will determine the likelihood of you overheating. Layers should be breathable, and wick moisture. Avoid fabrics that stay wet and lose heat, like cotton. And don’t neglect your lower limbs; invest in warm pants or tights and thick socks to warm and protect your ankles and feet as you run.

Tip #3 Pick Shoes That Can Go the Distance

Your favorite pair might not be the optimal choice when running during the winter season, and for good reason. You’ll want a pair of shoes that provide stability during your run and that provide great traction should you encounter slick conditions like ice. There are many options for shoes with actual spikes/cleats as well as pull on spikes/cleats that will slip right over your winter running shoes. And yes, in some cases, you may want to opt for snowshoes.

Tip #4  Don’t Forget the Essentials

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your body won’t require proper hydration during or after a long run and it also doesn’t mean the sun won’t shine. Make sure you bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and reflective clothing/gear should your run take longer than expected. We also highly recommend always carrying an individual emergency kit for any unexpected situations that may arise.

Know before you go; the right equipment can mean the difference between enjoying your winter run and being miserable or worse!

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