Dental Residency Program Launched in New Hampshire

Good News: New Hampshire now has a dental residency program. The program introduces three new dentists a year to dental centers that don’t have enough dentists on staff to keep up with the demands for services. The launch of this program is particularly timely. In...

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Northeast Delta Dental Celebrates Teachers

Earlier this month, I was eager to join others around the country and world in honoring our educators as they continue to persevere through a rapidly changing education landscape, including virtual instruction, born out of a global pandemic. Teacher Appreciation Week...

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Books I’m Reading: What School Could Be

I enjoy serving as Chair of the New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education leading critical educational efforts such as 65x25, which aims to have 65% of New Hampshire’s 25 to 64 year old population hold a post-secondary degree or relevant credential by 2025. ...

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Books I am Reading: Mind in the Making

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of participating in a special conference, Transforming Tomorrow’s Workforce Today: A First in the Early Learning Nation. The conference focused on early learning in relation to workforce development. I have been volunteering and...

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Tom Raffio
September 2023

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