Oral health doesn’t have to be an uphill battle

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With a summit reaching 4,393 feet, the view at the top of Mt. Mansfield reveals Vermont’s spectacular landscape; a good reason not to miss the Northeast Delta Dental Race to the Top of Vermont on Sunday, August 27, in Stowe.

In addition to the beautiful view, the “cherry on top” of the Northeast Delta Dental Race to the Top of Vermont is that this important annual event raises funds to support the Catamount Trail Association and the Vermont Head Start Tooth Tutor Program.

The Tooth Tutor Program improves oral health outcomes for children from low income families served by Head Start. The Catamount Trail Association works to maintain and develop public-access trails across the state of Vermont providing people with the opportunities of outdoor recreation year round. This race represents the marriage of what most people would think are two organizations providing completely different outcomes. However, we all share the same goal; improve access to overall health and wellness.

You cannot have good oral health without good overall health.  I make many presentations every year during which I remind folks of this important connection – the mouth is part of the body. Performing activities that are physically challenging, like road races and walks, are also important pieces of the wellness puzzle.

See you on August 27!

Tom Raffio
July 2017

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