Father’s Day and the Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race

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First and foremost, I hope all Dads had a wonderful and peaceful Father’s Day on Sunday, as I did as you can see in the first photo. Dads and Moms are often our first role models or mentors; my Dad who died a few years ago was my role model for hard work and for giving back to the community. They didn’t call it social responsibility or “Paying in Forward” or community outreach back then but I remember at his wake that many heads of not for profits (YMCAs; Lions Club to name two) mentioned to me how my Dad was instrumental in making their organization successful via work on capital campaigns and other volunteer assignments.   I say this because not all young people may have a Mom or Dad as a role model, so I always say look for an opportunity to be a mentor — you can positively influence a young person’s life.

Tom_Fathers DayTom_Mount_Washington_Race

As for the Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race, I didn’t quite make my time goal that I referenced in my last blog, but I did make two secondary goals. The two goals were completing the grueling 7.6 mile up the mountain race (Grade average 12%, extended 18%) in less than two hours and to do it without any walking.   (Note: many racers who finished ahead of me do speed walk, and a few speed walkers passed me as I was “running,” but for me, keeping running form, albeit very slow, works better for me).

With 6/10ths of a mile to go (see second photo; that’s me with the green shirt) I had just under 15 minutes to get in under two hours, which seems reasonable except the last portion of the race is extremely challenging, including the final 100 yards which is at a 22% grade. Well, it all worked out as I crossed the finish line at 1:57:11. Also, while tempted to walk a few times, I did keep a running/jogging form.

In preparing for the Northeast Delta Dental Mountain Washington Road Race, I did a lot of cross training (cross fit; spin) and stopped eating junk food and ice cream. But I did make a fun promise to myself: if I made it to the top in under two hours without any walking, I would treat myself to a soft serve vanilla ice cream at the Dairy Queen that sits near the traffic light as you make your way to Jackson or Story Land, close to the hotels where runners stay for the Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race.   If you have ever been to North Conway or Story Land, or cross country ski in Jackson, you know this Dairy Queen. Thus, you see me in the third photo with a smile as I embark on eating an ice cream, double fisted, for the first time in a long time.   So, yes: train hard, work hard like my Dad taught me, but also have fun and treat yourself occasionally when you accomplish your compelling goal.


Tom Raffio
June 2015

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