There Are No Do-Overs has launched

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I am pleased to announce that after nearly a decade of collecting and organizing ideas from my more than 30 years in the business arena, my book which I co-wrote with NBA Hall of Famer, Dave Cowens, and my esteemed former colleague, Barbara McLaughlin, is available.

The book, officially titled, There Are No Do-Overs: The Big Red Factors for Sustaining a Business Long Term, outlines leadership principles and weaves in relevant basketball stories from Dave Cowens’ experience in the NBA.  It provides insight on how to create a winning team at the office by reviewing lessons from the basketball court, and stresses that success is the sum of paying attention to detail when it comes to business, sports, and life

The book is available for e-readers through, and will be in bookstores soon.  Thank you to everyone who supported me while writing this book including my family, current and former colleagues at Northeast Delta Dental, and my highly respected business colleagues, and my co-authors, without whom this book would not have been possible.

There Are No Do-Overs:

Tom Raffio
November 2013

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