Day 89 Post-Surgery

Hi everyone.  Here it is, nearly thirteen weeks post my quad tendon reattachment surgery, and I am excelling in my progress.

According to my physical therapist, Steve Coppola, I am in the top one or two percent for patient rehabilitation.  I couldn’t be happier.  I no longer require a knee brace of any kind, and what a relief it is to be done with that cumbersome contraption, though a necessity for effective support during the first crucial months of recovery.  I feel like my life has been handed back to me on a silver platter as I can now easily go up the stairs and rarely need support to go down the stairs, and I’m walking fairly normal; if you didn’t know I had surgery, you would never notice the ever so slight trace of a limp in my pace. I’m back to virtually 100% resumption of my hectic business schedule.

I’ve been exercising like crazy to regain muscle tone and strength and have been riding the stationary bike for now as I train and look forward to riding in the Prouty bike ride this July.  My passion – running – is still on hold for awhile but I am out on the circuit at various road races cheering on my friends, and before I know it, I’ll be back in the competition.

This injury was a timely pause to make me stop and appreciate everything life offers.  But I’m back in the running, so to speak, and looking forward to picking up where I left off after hardly missing a beat; something I never thought possible last December.  I am very fortunate, and know it.

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3 Responses to Day 89 Post-Surgery

  1. Chris Blodgett says:

    Tom, as someone who knows how difficult it can be to lose the ability to walk (through different circumstances) I know exactly what you mean by getting your life back. It really is great to see you up and about and doing the things you do best; running a company and working back to running races.

    That’s not a limp you have, it’s a new spring in your step.

  2. Tom,
    You are a competitor in every sense of the word. Your a 100% guy, as you do everything 100%. It is my pleasure to serve you as your Physical Therapist and continue to look forward to you meeting all your goals!

  3. John Jarnot says:

    Tom, I broke a femur bone when I was younger playing hockey and was in a crotch- to -ankle cast for 13 weeks. I had significant atrophy but was so happy to get that weighty cast cut off. Rehab was grueling but so worth it. Good luck in rounding into shape as the weather gets better!

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