Day 89 Post-Surgery

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Running, Tom's Update, Wellness | 3 comments

Hi everyone.  Here it is, nearly thirteen weeks post my quad tendon reattachment surgery, and I am excelling in my progress.

According to my physical therapist, Steve Coppola, I am in the top one or two percent for patient rehabilitation.  I couldn’t be happier.  I no longer require a knee brace of any kind, and what a relief it is to be done with that cumbersome contraption, though a necessity for effective support during the first crucial months of recovery.  I feel like my life has been handed back to me on a silver platter as I can now easily go up the stairs and rarely need support to go down the stairs, and I’m walking fairly normal; if you didn’t know I had surgery, you would never notice the ever so slight trace of a limp in my pace. I’m back to virtually 100% resumption of my hectic business schedule.

I’ve been exercising like crazy to regain muscle tone and strength and have been riding the stationary bike for now as I train and look forward to riding in the Prouty bike ride this July.  My passion – running – is still on hold for awhile but I am out on the circuit at various road races cheering on my friends, and before I know it, I’ll be back in the competition.

This injury was a timely pause to make me stop and appreciate everything life offers.  But I’m back in the running, so to speak, and looking forward to picking up where I left off after hardly missing a beat; something I never thought possible last December.  I am very fortunate, and know it.

Tom Raffio
March 2013

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