The Why of Work

A great read for leaders who want to build a supportive environment is The Why of Work by Dave and Wendy Ulrich. People work for meaning and it is the leader’s job to drive that by adding value, creating emotional energy and a safe work place, and fostering an optimistic outlook. Life and work as in work-life balance are connected and both should be rich and rewarding, one nurturing the other. An abundant work setting allows individuals to coordinate their aspirations and actions to create meaning for themselves and stakeholders and hope for all humanity. The key drivers are in knowing who we are, our purpose and motivation, reaping strength in our relationships and teamwork, creating a positive culture, providing challenge to match ability, growing and moving forward, and finding the joy in our existence. The understanding of why we work is a model for success
The Why of Work

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1 Response to The Why of Work

  1. Hi Tom,

    This column ( got me thinking about the role of profit as the fundamental driver in an organization.

    The author argues that companies that approach profit indirectly by focusing on employees, relationships, etc. seem more effective (and more profitable) than those that focus primarily on making money. I’m curious about your thoughts and experiences on the matter, particularly in light of how Northeast Delta Dental does business.

    Kind regards,


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