Books I am Reading

On Tuesday, 10/27/09 I spoke at the New Market School To Career Partnership  — “students, educators and community interacting to discover and explore career options.”   This provided an opportunity to discuss real world learning, innovation, and the importance of flexible school standards and business-school partnerships.    As a member of the NH State Board of Education, there are several books on these topics which have been given to me and which I am reading simultaneously.   I highly recommend all of these books if you are interested in how the U.S. can remain competitive with the rest of the world:   Disrupting Class (How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns) by Christensen;  Time to Learn by Gabrieli and Goldstein;  Personalizing the High School Experience for Each Student, by DiMartino and Clarke;  Tough Choices Tough Times by the National Center on Education and The Economy;  The Global Achievement Gap by Wagner.   If you read one or more of these books, I’d be really interested in your feedback and comments. Thank you.  Tom R.

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2 Responses to Books I am Reading

  1. Joe Unix says:


    We learn to get grades.
    We don’t learn to love to learn.
    Solve this and we’ll win.


    • tomraffio says:

      Hi JoeUnix,

      I very much enjoy and support that Haiku poem. In my work as a member of the State Board of Education, we are striving to create an academic culture which inspires learning, for students to follow their dreams and academic and career passions, to account for extended learning opportunities and real world experiences.

      When I was in school, I always took the approach of taking courses that I would enjoy and be passionate about, do the best I could and learn all that I could, and let the grades fall where they may. This worked effectively for me at Harvard (BA) and Babson (MBA) and I try to foster this approach in the culture at Northeast Delta Dental, as its CEO.
      Happy Thanksgiving.

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