Similarity of a Board Meeting and a Road Race

by | Sep 23, 2009 | Leadership | 8 comments

Would you believe that board meetings and road races are similar? The best races I have run occur after more serious training, preparation and strategically thinking about the course. Similarly, positive board meeting results (obtaining the necessary policy and strategic initiative motions) also occur when there has been serious work and effective communication between board meetings. Today, 9/23/09, in Concord, NH, we had an extremely productive and strategic Delta Dental Plan of New Hampshire board meeting. Last Saturday, I had a nice 5k race in Concord (Run For the Animals; raises funds for the NH SPCA) for me (22.19). In both situations (board meeting and the race), the preparation work was/is the critical success factor — the board room and the running trails are the fun part in which one is simply putting into play all of the behind-the-scenes work. Similar to a duck peddling like mad below the surface of the water, while looking calm above the water, the most optimal board meetings have this calming effect for external directors, and the best road race for a runner is when s/he is in the zone, due to effective and efficient training/preparation beforehand. Tom R.

Tom Raffio
September 2009

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