Corporate Social Responsibility

I invested a good part of Wednesday, June 10th at the NH State Board of Education meeting.    I’m often asked why do you as a CEO spend so much time participating on community, education and not for profit boards and the answer is multi-dimensional.  I can often add expertise on such things as Governance, fund-raising and Baldrige Quality which may enhance the board’s success and outcomes.    I also learn from board member colleagues and about a whole bunch of topics outside on the insurance industry; self-actualizing helps me grow professionally but also helps Northeast Delta Dental, as I can bring outside ideas and best practices into the enterprise (Northeast Delta Dental) for which I’m CEO.   It’s a win/win, for the community and Northeast Delta Dental.

Tom Raffio

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2 Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for sharing why you serve on different boards – yes, we all can learn and benefit from each others contributions. You mention Badrige Quality – Has Northeast Delta Dental participated in the Baldrige process and how has it improved the quality of service at your company?

    • tomraffio says:

      Hi Mike,

      Northeast Delta Dental is indeed a Baldrige-based company. In 2000, we were recognized by the Granite State Quality Council (NH’s Baldrige-based organization) and last year we completed the national Baldrige application, and we got some terrific feedback from the examiners. We use the feedback from the Baldige examiners, and feedback from our Guarantee of Service Excellence program (part of Baldrige Category 7) to continuously improve the quality of service at Northeast Delta Dental. The Baldrige framework, for sure, has improved our processes which in turn enhances the quality of service delivered to our external customers and participating dentists.

      Thank you for your comment. Hope this helps.
      Tom Raffio/CEO/Northeast Delta Dental

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