A tribute to nurses, teachers and mothers

by | May 1, 2023 | Mother's Day, Nurse's Week, Teacher Appreciation | 0 comments

This month we celebrate three annual recognition days: National Nurses Day on May 6, Teacher Appreciation Day on May 9 and Mother’s Day on May 14. I salute nurses, teachers and mothers this month because while our expectations of them are extremely high, they are often underappreciated for all the many ways they positively impact our lives.

Nurses often see us at our worst and give us the compassionate care needed to facilitate our healing. At hospitals, nursing homes or in patients’ homes, they often work long hours filled with arduous, repetitive tasks that sometimes result in injuries. We often take nurses for granted. They need to know that in our eyes they are healthcare warriors, and we recognize their importance to our overall health and wellbeing.

Teachers have a critical role in the lives of their students, helping them become future community and business leaders by instructing them in necessary life skills, helping them work together successfully on projects and encouraging them to solve problems innovatively. They excel at building student confidence. Many of us have memories of that one teacher without whom we wouldn’t have navigated our school years—possibly even our lives—as successfully as we have. Educators have some of the most difficult jobs, and they deserve our respect and appreciation.

Mothers are our first and most consistent nurturers—children excel when given unconditional love by a dedicated caregiver. That kind of love builds confidence and helps us to foster stronger relationships as adults. It is often our moms that help us recognize our potential and motivate us to make the best choices from the possibilities available to us as we move toward adulthood and its responsibilities. My life certainly wouldn’t be as well-rounded and satisfying as it is without the influence of my mother.

The theme of the month encourages us to show our regard to these often-unsung heroes in our lives. So, nurses, teachers and mothers—hats off to you!

Tom Raffio
May 2023

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