Praising Broad Adoption of Proper Dental Hygiene Habits

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It’s exciting to learn that nearly 86% of Americans believe maintaining good oral health is essential to protecting overall health throughout the pandemic. Northeast Delta Dental is a proud member company of The Delta Dental Plans Association. Naturally, we continue making oral health care a priority for the communities we serve. However and additionally and for years, we have stressed the important correlation between good oral health and overall health. It’s comforting to see that this notion has been adopted and is being practiced by the vast majority of Americans. 

We believe that seeking professional dental hygiene cleanings in addition to at-home practices is important for not only preserving oral health but preventing and combating diseases in general. That’s why we are thrilled to know our customers at-home oral care habits, during the COVID-19 pandemic, continue to involve healthy practices such as brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash.

Vivian Vasallo, Executive Director of the Delta Dental Institute states- “Even in this uncertain environment, Americans know they need to prioritize preventive oral health care. Oral health is health, and routine dental care is critical to preventing and managing chronic health problems.”

More importantly, 77% of consumers report they are brushing according to the recommended guidelines of twice per day or more during the pandemic (March 2020 – present) – a figure that is on par with pre-COVID data findings and marks an improvement since 2019 (75% in January 2020 vs. 68% in 2019). During the pandemic 38% of consumers reported flossing at least once per day, which is the recommended guideline, and another 35% said they are flossing twice per day during the pandemic, demonstrating a commitment to good oral hygiene at home. 

I invite you to learn more about maintaining good dental hygiene by visiting Delta Dental’s “Protect my Smile” page.

To read Delta Dental Institute’s full study, use this link.

Tom Raffio
November 2020

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