Communicating Clearly, Consistently, and Accurately

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We believe that effective communication is essential for our continued success as a great place to work and a stellar place to do business for all customers, service providers, and employees. Communication is one of Northeast Delta Dental’s four values. My colleagues and I believe in clear, consistent, and accurate communications. We like to be as transparent as possible in the way we do business, and everyone seems to appreciate that.

It’s been interesting to see how businesses communicate during this period of COVID-19 interruption and social distancing; some communicated messages broadly and immediately, and some rolled out their messages well into the business shutdown. One of the challenges that businesses and nonprofits currently wrestle with is the need to communicate messages that have to be updated often, knowing that the information we pass along today, will be outdated tomorrow.

In my role as President & CEO of Northeast Delta Dental and leadership roles on boards and advisory councils, I value face-to-face communication. But now I use phone calls, emails, and online conferencing to get things done. It’s not what I prefer, but these are the limitations we must work within. I continue to encourage my team to be resilient and resourceful, and at times like this, that really pays off.

We’ve shared several general messages about the fact that most of our employees are working remotely, people with essential positions are working at our headquarters at a distance from each other, while maintaining the mindset to do business as usual. We’ve shared messages with each of our stakeholders to reassure them, and when appropriate, describe the relief that we are providing to them, or are considering. On our website (, you will find my videos to stakeholders, which I created and posted early during this time of crisis, and new videos were posted today.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to provide information by using the most reliable sources available and communicate messages of hope and reassurance.

What are your communication challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how have you met them?

Tom Raffio
April 2020

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