The Campaign to Change Direction

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As a nation, we are starting to feel more comfortable talking about mental health and I believe this is largely due to the efforts of a nationwide initiative: The Campaign Change Direction.  The Campaign is a social movement working to change the culture of mental health to help everyone receive the support and care they deserve and need.  In New Hampshire, this initiative is led by Former Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, John T. Broderick, Jr., and President & CEO of Riverbend Community Mental Health, Peter Evers.

As a wellness-focused organization dedicated to improving the oral and overall health of our customers and the general public, Northeast Delta Dental is supportive of this important initiative.

It is important that everyone become more aware of their emotional well-being and the emotional well-being of their peers.   As such, a large focus of the Campaign includes training on recognizing the five signs of emotional hardship: change in personality; agitation; withdrawal; hopelessness; and a decline in personal care; which concerned me, greatly, as this lack of personal care can include oral hygiene.

Judge Broderick recently joined me on WTPL 107.7 The Pulse’s Cail & Company radio program to discuss the Campaign to Change Direction.  To listen to this broadcast, click here.

I will also join Judge Broderick, Peter Evers, and other business and community leaders at the NH Forum on the Future breakfast on Tuesday, October 4, to discuss how we can change the NH culture surrounding mental illness, and why businesses will benefit.  To register or learn more about this event, click here.

Providing mental health screenings and teaching people the signs of emotional distress allows health providers to act effectively to improve the overall health of every individual. The Campaign to Change Direction is a strongly valued and purposeful foundation that I believe will continue to bring meaningful change to New Hampshire and across the nation.

Tom Raffio
September 2016

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