Math, the Language of Business

I serve on the State of New Hampshire Board of Education and came across this great article at our last meeting.  With so many high school graduates illiterate in math, the United States is falling behind in math skills compared to the rest of the educated world.   Human Resources professionals are looking to hire people with analytical skills and we all can improve math deficiencies through hard work and perseverance.  Just as you read to your children or show them how to brush their teeth, help them with their math homework and develop their “habits of mind” to master mathematics.  The attached article can show you how.  Feel free to share the Habits of Mind with others to keep America strong.

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2 Responses to Math, the Language of Business

  1. Andrew Frankel says:

    I love the article as well! I am a Middle School math teacher and I completely agree.
    I plan on showing my students this post and sending this article home!

  2. neddblog says:

    Thanks Andrew and keep it up! Tom

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