Books I Am Reading: Employees First, Customers Second

This book portrays well my own thoughts on the importance of developing an engaging, transparent office culture. The CEO who develops a flat organization of empowered employees who all trust one another can unleash the full potential of each individual. Spread accountability throughout the organization, open the doors of communication, educate and inspire your colleagues, and recognize each individual’s worth. Think about with whom your customers interact – every action of every employee is a reflection on the company’s reputation; for example, your front desk receptionist often is the first person the external world connects with at your company and this first impression sticks with your customers. An enthusiastic, motivated employee who feels appreciated and valued projects that aura and those good feelings rub off. Your employees are out in the community, they are talking with friends, neighbors and family, and they are ambassadors of your brand. Vineet Nayar’s book is a great recipe for the CEO looking for an invigorating way to transform their company to compete and be successful in the ever changing marketplace.
Employee's First, Customer's Second

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