Northeast Delta Dental acquires Combined Services LLC

Northeast Delta Dental, through our affiliate, Red Tree Holdings, Inc., has acquired Combined Services, LLC, a general insurance agency, from Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company, effective December 31, 2009.   Having Combined Services on board as a member of the Northeast Delta Dental companies facilitates our efforts to diversify and sustain a solid future for our enterprise, especially in light of dental market saturation in ME, NH and VT, and the effects of Health Care Reform legislation.    By acquiring Combined Services, this provides the Northeast Delta Dental enterprise with COBRA and Flex Claim processing lines of business, plus Combined Services will continue to offer Fort Dearborn Life’s group and voluntary life and disability products in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.    Strategic diversification will serve to keep the Northeast Delta Dental companies vitale and thriving, which supports our core mission of group dental benefits and oral health. Official Press Release.

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2 Responses to Northeast Delta Dental acquires Combined Services LLC

  1. Joe Unix says:

    I’m impressed.

    IMHO, some nine out of ten acquisitions (there’s no such thing as a merger) do little more than weaken the acquirer and destroy the acquired. Oracle’s acquisition of Peoplesoft for example, is one of a nearly infinite number of examples. In my experience, acquisitions almost invariably damage both companies, the employees, and the customer while rarely providing broad benefit.

    I believe Northeast Delta Dental’s acquisition of Combined Services LLC is one of rare occurrences that both makes business sense and empowers the consumer. There are a few reasons I think this is the case. First, the acquisition was made from a position of strength rather than desperation on the part of both companies. Second, the product lines are complimentary; merging them provides customers with more, rather than fewer, options. Third, the cultures appear to be similar enough to meld the best of each, rather than destroying one or the other.

    This particular acquisition may make me less sceptical of acquisitions in general. Though I suspect most are more destructive than constructive, a shining example of *doing things right* is never a bad thing.


    (Disclaimer: A Northeast Delta Dental employee)

    • tomraffio says:

      Hi Rich

      For all of the reasons you enumerate, this (NEDD Companies and CSLLC) is a marriage made in heaven so to speak; one other reason — the seller, Fort Dearborn Life, still wants CSLLC to sell its (FDL’s) life insurance products, so the sale really continues a vibrant partnership with FDL, as opposed to FDL selling off a company and then disappearing.

      Thank you for your analysis and support. Tom

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