The Oral Health Implications of Healthcare Reform

by | Nov 8, 2009 | General Comments | 7 comments

The U.S. House of Representatives (in a close vote, details on CNN) passed a Healthcare Reform (HCR) bill late Saturday evening.  While all of us, I’m pretty sure, are concerned about fellow citizens who have no medical coverage, Northeast Delta Dental and folks involved in oral health coalitions want to be sure that oral health continues to be delivered via the current system that works (dental is prevention based; involves the patient talking about treatment with her/his dentist; dentists and patients are generally happy).   The problem with the House version of the HCR bill is that it does not enable stand-alone dental carriers, such as Northeast Delta Dental, to operate in the Public Option/The Exchange, which would leave excellent Delta Dental companies out of that market.  This would be a shame, because the Delta Dental delivery system works very well now.   The Senate Finance version of their HCR debate would enable dental only carriers to participate in the Public Option/The Exchange, so, hopefully in conference, the House and Senate work this issue out.   What do you think?   Tom Raffio, CEO/Northeast Delta Dental

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Tom Raffio
November 2009

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