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This past weekend, 8/29/09 and 8/30/09, I participated in two 5k Road Races, one that Northeast Delta Dental sponsored in Barnstead, NH and the second one was hosted at our facility at One Delta Drive, in Concord, NH. We are a big supporter of wellness related events such as road races (which also typically raise funds for worthwhile causes) and family-related activities. On the latter, that is why Northeast Delta Dental is a partner with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats baseball team (Dice – K pitches today in New Hampshire on a rehab assignment) and we also support the Portland Sea Dogs (I am scheduled to throw out the first pitch on Tuesday, September 1 in Portland). Wellness, family — all of this does relate to our corporate values (community outreach; best employer practices) and our oral health mission. Without good oral health, overall wellness is not realized. Tom R.

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  1. Thinking about community outreach in the context of very small businesses (<10 people) like the vast proportion of those in NH. On one hand, it could be said that merely existing as a very small business is in itself a benefit to the local community. On the other hand (or perhaps the other side of the same hand) there's value in volunteering locally, particularly in ways that might be relevant to your business. The trick is in the limited resources available to such businesses: time and money.

    Having been in the very small biz biz myself, I can certainly attest that a company of four or five people is going to be pretty tapped out pretty much all of the time, and for the first bunch of years funds can be limited, at least if everyone wants to keep the mortgage paid.

    There must be a way to get your nose in and be involved–albeit on a time and budgetary shoestring. Thoughts? Ideas?


    • Tom Raffio says:

      Hi Rich,

      I believe the best way for a small business owner to get involved, without overtapping resources, is to volunteer for 1 (maybe 2) board(s) which need(s )a particular expertise that this small business owner happens to have (say Finance or Technology skills), and to select one favorite charity or community organization and donate a modest sum just to that organization. Hope this helps as you think about this dilemma that a small business faces. Tom R

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