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Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to advancing oral health and the overall wellness of our customers, and the general public, by providing innovative benefits and professional partnerships through diversified strategic business and philanthropic initiatives. This same dedication extends to our partners and vendors.

“We use Delta Dental for our agents who are all across the country and they are just thankful that they have the ability to get dental care. We’ve tried comparing to other dental carriers but Delta Dental just seems to really cover the dentists that our group needs. We feel blessed and very lucky to have a great partner like Delta Dental,” remarked Michele Granitz, Head of Benefits at National Life Group

We are proud of our robust dental network boasting the region’s largest, including 88% of dentists in the tri-state area alone. We cover and provide support for more than 965,000 people throughout the area. But you would think you were our only customer because that’s the Northeast Delta Dental way. 

“You guys in particular have not skipped a beat in regard to the service you provide to not only us but our clients. That’s been really appreciated because some of our other carriers have not pulled off the work-from-home customer service delivery quite the way Delta Dental has ….” enthused Dan Cronin, President of CGI Business Solutions.

Northeast Delta Dental administers dental benefits to people in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont and designs programs for organizations of all sizes and people with no access to employer–sponsored dental insurance programs.

“I think the biggest challenge for us working through this pandemic has been the emotional needs of our employees. Really being able to meet those challenges that come up and how we can support them going forward. And I’m very thankful because Delta Dental was the only vendor that I had that really came forward and said ‘we know that expenses can be a challenge’ and in order to help maintain benefits, they gave us a reimbursement. It really meant a lot to us, not only from an HR perspective but also our executive teams,” revealed Merideth Gurall, Human Resources Officer at St. Mary’s Bank. 

I’m so proud of everyone on the Northeast Delta Dental team for delivering outstanding coverage and service, not only during the stressful pandemic but always. View more from our partners here.

Tom Raffio
January 2022

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