Celebrating the Work of Jeff Levin

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Two decades ago, my work with Jeff Levin, a life coach residing in New Hampshire, began. With my extremely positive experience, Levin was subsequently invited to Northeast Delta Dental where he would speak to employees about family challenges and together, as an organization, we learned about the importance of mental health not only at home, but in the workplace. It’s an exhilarating experience to know that we’re all in this together. And quite candidly, my role is to make sure that our employees have the best possible resources and culture so they’re thriving and they can be the best they can be.

Levin began his professional career as a middle-school English teacher in Carlisle, Massachusetts, and has since worked as a psychotherapist and life coach with individuals and groups in a wide variety of settings to help teams, individual athletes, young people, families, and corporations all over the country. “Jeff Levin helps these kids find a path forward,” declares John Broderick, Former Chief Justice of New Hampshire Supreme Court. Levin offers home-based life coaching and radical interactive programs, like The Reconnection Project and Connected Classroom Program, for teens, adults, and their families in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and beyond. 

“We are living in a world that’s unfortunately ‘alone together’ and I think what he’s trying to do and a reason I support his efforts is he’s trying to get kids to connect again. It’s inspiring to watch him and I believe that what he’s doing is so desperately needed,” said Broderick. 

Levin has helped Northeast Delta Dental transition into a more thoughtful organization. If you’re experiencing stress at home, in the workplace, or need support for your kids, Levin can help you understand how to be a more mindful leader. He can help you heal and make life fun again. I know because I’ve experienced his gentle, thoughtful, healing, yet direct counsel.

Please view this short video featuring Justice Broderick and me discussing Jeff Levin and his incredible mental health work on behalf of so many.

Learn more about Jeff Levin, The Reconnection Project, and more, click here.

Tom Raffio
December 2021

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