Arthritis Foundation Volunteer Evening of Honors 2021

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Becoming a member of the New England Advisory Board of The Arthritis Foundation (AF) has been one of the most rewarding decisions as I come together with other individuals passionate about supporting more than 54 million Americans living with arthritis. It’s also satisfying to watch these same individuals and volunteers be recognized for their efforts and labor all year long. As Chair of the board for Northern New England, I am particularly honored to witness Mary Nagel’s excellence and zeal for AF’s mission be rewarded at this year’s Evening of Honors.

Mary Nagel, this year’s Virtual Red Carpet Volunteer Honoree for Northern New England, is a devoted nurse practitioner and has been advocating for AF since 1984. She volunteered for AF while working towards her master’s degree in Nursing, served on the local leadership board of AF in Buffalo, NY before moving to NH in 1989 and continues to be a very active volunteer and supporter, including Community Network Chair for the Northern New England market.

Mary Nagel humbly notes, “When I was chosen to be the Red Carpet Honoree of Northern New England, I was grateful and felt so honored. I felt this meant that the work I love doing for a cause that is so worthy, is truly appreciated. I am dedicated to finding cures for the various forms of arthritis and I am motivated to help the Arthritis Foundation and its mission. Being the Red Carpet Honoree of Northern New England is encouraging and inspiring.”

Mary was awarded The Arthritis Foundation’s “Volunteer of the Year” in 1994 and is the true definition of a loyal volunteer, fundraiser and event participant: Jingle Bell Run Concord for about 25 years and Walk to Cure Arthritis for the past 3 years.

“Mary Nagel is the epitome of a passionate, loyal and engaging volunteer and so deserving of being Arthritis Foundation’s Red Carpet Honoree for northern New England. Whether it’s outreach to our arthritis communities, participating at a Jingle Bell Run or Walk to Cure Arthritis event or sharing ideas at a local leadership board meeting, Mary’s enthusiasm for “everything Arthritis Foundation” is always present. Our arthritis warriors throughout northern New England are all the better because of Mary Nagel,”shared Erica D’Agostino, Sr. Executive Director of the New England market of Arthritis Foundation.

Watch the event or view the program here.

Tom Raffio
March 2021

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