REACT Cards for Public Safety Officials

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Last week, I was honored to participate in a media opportunity at Riverbend Community Mental Health among law enforcement and fire officials, and other community leaders to increase the awareness of the availability of an important resource for public safety officials, REACT Cards.  Northeast Delta Dental is proud to partner with Dartmouth-Hitchcock to co-sponsor important public health events and I welcome the opportunity to join former Chief Justice of the NH Supreme Court, The Honorable John T. Broderick, Jr., to spread the word about the importance of “above the neck” health.

During one of our recent presentations for the NH Police Association, we highlighted the acronym used in Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s mental health awareness campaign, “REACT” which represents:

R – Recognize the signs
E – Express concern
A – Act now and talk to someone you trust
C – Care enough to follow through and follow up
T – Text signs to 741-741

While this program was originally created for schools, Sergeant Timothy King of the Concord NH Police Department asked if Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Northeast Delta Dental might consider developing health and substance abuse focused REACT Cards specifically for law enforcement officials.  This made perfect sense as police and fire officials often encounter citizens in need of these services while performing their duties.

Captain Patrick Cheetham of the Londonderry Police Department (Immediate Past President of the NH Police Association) worked closely with Judge Broderick and I to make this a reality.  I am proud to have played a role in providing this important community resource to assist our law enforcement and fire officials as I believe having the information ready, and in a succinct manner, will assist citizens in accessing necessary services.

For more information about the REACT Awareness Campaign, please visit:


Pictured from left to right:  Immediate Past President of the NH Police Association and Londonderry Police Captain, Patrick Cheetham; President & CEO of Northeast Delta Dental, Tom Raffio; Senior Director of External Affairs at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Former NH Supreme Court Justice, John T. Broderick, Jr.; and Concord Police Sergeant, Timothy King.

Tom Raffio
December 2018

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