Northeast Delta Dental and Tufts Health Freedom Plan Support Action Against Opioids

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Search “Opioids” on your web browser, and you will find over 14,000,000 results consisting of articles, facts, news releases and helplines. The Opioid crisis is real and it’s all around us. Northeast Delta Dental and Tufts Health Freedom Plan continue a strong partnership to do our part of increasing awareness and preventing temptation of what too often becomes a serious addiction.

A recent grant awarded to Granite Health supporting initiatives initially started by Jim and Jeanne Moser’s Zero Left Campaign battles New Hampshire’s opioid crisis by reducing excess prescription opioids. The campaign embarked on a journey to stop addiction before it starts beginning with three important components. Placing Takeback Boxes at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, LRGHealthcare in Laconia, and Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, distributing Deterra Deactivation Pouches to discharged surgical patients, and offering specialized Provider Education; the campaign’s initiatives will bring significant change in New Hampshire’s Opioid Crisis.

Opioid addiction affects everyone in our state, and does not discriminate. With the effects that addiction has on Oral Health, we make it our community responsibility to continue business relationships and create strong partnerships that will support campaigns like Zero Left, and honor Adam Moser’s memory.


Wentworth-Douglass unveiled their drug takeback box on Tuesday, July 19.  In attendance was (from left to right):  Richard Meinking, PharmD, Pharmacy Director, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital; P. Travis Harker, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Granite Health; Gregory J. Walker, FACHE, President and CEO, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital; New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu; President, Tufts Health Freedom Plan, Brian Wells, and President & CEO of Northeast Delta Dental, Tom Raffio

Tom Raffio
August 2017

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