2016 Annual Report

It’s hard to believe that we are coming to a close on the second quarter of 2017! Every year, we work hard to make our Annual Report special and different from the previous year, this is an easy task because of the many exciting initiatives we undertook in 2016 and oral health grants we distributed. It is essential that we share with you our greatest accomplishments and steadfast commitment to continue our relentless efforts of expanding access to and the quality of oral health care and education.

Partnering with Tufts Health Freedom Plan in New Hampshire, rolling out our Health through Oral Wellness® (HOW®) program, investing in continuing education, community clinics and local hospital trauma centers, and supporting employees who volunteer by giving back to our communities, are some of the highlights in 2016.

Listening to the needs of our members, providers and colleagues creates positive community involvement throughout our organization to change the future of oral health and wellness. I invite you to read our 2016 Annual Report (located on our website here) and see the exciting things we have completed; we continue to move forward with new innovations…wait until you see 2017!


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