Oral Health Challenge at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium

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It always brings me great pleasure seeing our young population getting involved in their own oral health and well-being. The 2016 Oral Health Challenge, a joint effort of Northeast Delta Dental and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats produced positive results.  The Oral Health Challenge truly shows the program’s effects through connecting good oral health with our youth and the general public.

A total of 792 participants earned over 1700 tickets through the end of August 2016. Children who completed their Oral Health Challenge form showing they brushed and flossed for seven consecutive days, earned two New Hampshire Fisher Cats tickets to one of three games. Prior to each game, Fungo, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats mascot, escorted a parade of children onto the field where they received a certificate and a gift bag recognizing their consistent oral health efforts.

We are looking forward to continuing this joint partnership of Northeast Delta Dental and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats encouraging good oral hygiene through the 2017 Oral Health Challenge. The NH Fisher Cats baseball season begins April 6, and we are excited to provide you with the Oral Health Challenge game dates of July 17, August 7, and August 20.

View the Northeast Delta Dental Oral Health Challenge forms and game details on our website here.

Tom Raffio
November 2016

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