Employers Can Help Change Direction

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The Campaign to Change Direction is a national movement that is changing the culture of mental health and the emotional wellbeing of our communities that lead to overall health. Thanks to the leadership of Former NH State Supreme Court Justice, John T. Broderick, Jr., and CEO of Riverbend Community Mental Health, Peter Evers, it’s happening in New Hampshire!

As a NH-based company, Northeast Delta Dental supports the emotional wellbeing of our employees and their loved ones by investing in resources to help them reach overall health. We incorporate the benefits of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides access to many services including mental health and crisis support. Employees have an open door to get help with family issues, counseling services, crisis services and more. We have found that investing in our employees and supporting them through challenges fosters an environment for a stronger and healthier community.

Through this Campaign, we can all speak the same language and connect our mission to the community by getting to know the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering—Personality Change, Agitation, Withdrawal, Hopelessness and Poor Self-Care. The old stigma associated with mental illness will change as local businesses, like Northeast Delta Dental, continue to step up to the plate and speak out about the importance of emotional well-being.  I am honored to include Northeast Delta Dental among Dartmouth-Hitchcock, the Elliot Health System, Granite Health, NH1, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Riverbend, and WMUR, in a list of founding members of Change Direction NH.

Our continued efforts to improve oral and overall health includes many facets in our communities and throughout our state. The Campaign to Change Direction is a strongly valued and important initiative that has already made meaningful changes here in New Hampshire.  Let’s not be silent.

Tom Raffio
October 2016

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