Three Weeks In…

Hi all.

I thought I’d give you a quick update on my health status.  The surgery to repair my quad tendon tear was three weeks ago already, and finally the full leg cast was cut off this past Wednesday – it weighed 30 pounds!   It’s such a relief to lose it – it was so awkward and cumbersome.  So now I’m in a locked knee brace for three weeks and can hop around on crutches.  I’ve been in the office since right after the surgery as I enjoy being around everybody and there’s so much work to be done.  I am on our new Governor, Maggie Hassan’s Inaugural Committee,  as she takes office and celebrates tonight with the traditional inaugural ball.  I had planned to attend, but, alas, my dancing days are on hold for a few months.  Thanks to everyone who’s dropped a line to stay in touch with me; it’s much appreciated.  I hope your New Year is off to a great start!

Tom in his leg cast

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2 Responses to Three Weeks In…

  1. mark, Becky and Casey hecox says:

    best of Recovery to you Tom, Make sure you listen to your Physical Therapist!

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