Quarter Century Club

You all have heard and read that Northeast Delta Dental (NEDD) is a great place to work, but living testimonials to that are the members of our Quarter Century Club. With well over 200 employees here, as of the end of December 2012 we have sixteen employees dating as far back as 1976 who belong to our Quarter Century Club. An amazing accomplishment these days! Out of the sixteen, eleven are still working at NEDD, and I’d like to take this moment to recognize my esteemed colleagues: Bill Lambrukos, Pat Vaillancourt, Val Riley, Sue King, Melanie Bisson, Nancy Slater, Debbie LaValley, Jeff Landa, Barbara McLaughlin, Vivian Barker and our newest inductee, Andy Tabor. We celebrated Andy’s 25 years at NEDD at our December All Colleagues Meeting last week where he was presented with a handsome plaque memorializing this achievement. Even more amazing, three of these folks – Bill, Pat and Val – have served over 30 years with our company. Congratulations to my loyal long-term teammates!

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1 Response to Quarter Century Club

  1. Mel Bisson says:

    Thanks Tom, this is very nice. NEDD is such a great company it makes it easy to put the years together.

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