An Exciting Week

On Monday, January 31,  we announced that the Fisher Cats will name their stadium “Northeast Delta Dental” stadium.   This is relevant because, as health care reform evolves and dental benefits potentially become de-coupled from the employer, it is important that Northeast Delta Dental reach all citizens of New Hampshire with our oral health message, namely, that without good oral health, you cannot have good overall health.   Also, Northeast Delta Dental’s participating dentists will have an opportunity to pass out Fisher Cats tickets for their young patients (12 and under) who demonstrate good brushing and floss habits in between dental office visits.   (More details on this oral health program will be provided to our participating dentists.)

On Friday, February 4 (and Friday, February 4, specifically, is GKAS day), Northeast Delta Dental participated in Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) day in New Hampshire, providing funds so that GKAS events throughout the state can be communicated effectively.   February is National Children’s Dental Health Month (and Friday, February 4th specifically is GKAS day), providing opportunities to remind everyone that we need to all work together to make sure children receive the preventive procedures and treatment that they need.   Many dentists and their teams, from Concord to Manchester, are providing free services today to children in need.   We thank them, including Dr. Chris Binder’s office in Concord, whom I visited today (Feb. 4).

On Saturday, February 5,  Northeast Delta Dental and Make-A-Wish NH partner on the Vertical Challenge event at Shawnee Peak in Maine, with funds raised going to Make-A-Wish

What a terrific week.

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2 Responses to An Exciting Week

  1. I’m glad that the Fisher Cats stadium is now Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. It could as easily have become GenericFacelessCorporationBigBoxStoreOrFastFoodPlaceWeJustWantYourMoney Stadium–I drive past the stadium every day and it’s nicer to see a local name on the sign.

    I suspect some folks believe that companies sponsoring stadiums do it as a cynical marketing ploy or a way to stroke their own egos, but I think that perception would be misguided. Perhaps they don’t realize that Northeast Delta Dental is a non-profit corporation, or how passionate you actually are about this stuff. Whatever., Northeast Delta Dental. It’s nice to see a local name on the sign.


    • tomraffio says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you for your support. With health and dental care transitioning from business to business, to business to consumer, getting our oral message out there to all NH citizens becomes very important. So, the Fisher Cats partnership gives us a greater opportunity to get the oral health message out there in the community. Thanks for your feedback, Richard. Tom R.

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