Healthcare Reform – Where is it headed?

With the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the Healthcare Reform discussions and potential legislation have appeared to slow down. What do you think; do you want legislators to press on or have the people spoken?


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3 Responses to Healthcare Reform – Where is it headed?

  1. Joe Unix says:

    In Europe you get healthcare
    and it’s mostly very good.
    I costs much less than ours does
    though I don’t see why it should.

    Our arrogance gets in the way
    of seeing where we are:
    Going broke on payments
    and dying in E.R.

    • tomraffio says:

      Hi Joe Unix,

      The Healthcare system in the United States is very complicated — no one thing creates the cost pressures we face. We do have a very good system, with most everyone taken care of (even the uninsured), Beginning of life (premature babies) and end of life care contribute to our high costs, but who does not want to care for newborn babies and our elderly in a first class manner? If someone provides a simple solution to the cost issue related to healthcare in America, I would be careful. To paraphrase some famous person, a simple answer to a complex question is usually wrong. Also, as Dr. Sylvio Dupuis (famous NH resident and business colleague) once told me, it’s only possible to have two out of the following: low cost, broad access, high quality. If we want broad access and high quality, we should expect a costly healthcare system. As for European countries, it is a mixed bag. Perhaps one day we can take the best things from the best healthcare delivery systems around the world, and somehow incorporate these principles into our system in the United States. In the meanwhile, to answer your where is it headed question — for now, status quo, and that may not be all that bad. Thanks for writing me Joe U. Sincerely, Tom R

  2. Chris says:

    I think both are true statements. The people did speak, but I also think the people want some form of healthcare reform. The way things are, right now is a perfect time to start a conference and get conferees who will sit down and discuss the various ideas and be open to new methods to get this done.

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