Become a Mentor

I was invited to speak at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences commencement held in Manchester, NH on December 17, 2011. Graduates included nursing students, physician assistants and dental hygienists.  I took the opportunity to share with these...

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Bright New Year

Thoughts of a fresh new year right around the corner fosters hope for renewed opportunities.  On behalf of Northeast Delta Dental, I want to extend season’s greetings and well wishes to all of our friends, participating dentists, producers, subscribers, group...

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Tuned In

Organizations can find new opportunities that resonate in the marketplace by becoming Tuned In. In reading this book by Stull, Myers & Scott, the authors urge companies to talk to potential customers to understand and respond to problems that buyers are then...

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Thoughts on the New Year

What a great weekend for skiing with fresh powder on the mountains! A positive sign for the economy, people were out in droves on the slopes. I am ever optimistic that increasing consumer confidence forecasts future improvement for the New Year and a corresponding...

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How Fragile Is Life?

Life is fast paced these days and our time on this planet is fleeting. Though we mingle and network throughout our lives, one must treasure those few special relationships where there is a mutual trust and selfless caring for the well-being of the other. But without...

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The Minding Organization

I just finished reading The Minding Organization by Drs. Rubinstein and Firstenberg and would recommend it for any manager to read to better prepare for dealing with the phenomenal rapid rate of change that has become the norm in the global marketplace. Corporations...

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Tom Raffio
December 2023

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