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2021 Community Impact Report Recently Released by Delta Dental Institute

A community impact report recently released by Delta Dental Institute revealed that Delta Dental employees volunteered 17,000 hours to help their communities in 2021. Northeast Delta Dental contributed to that total with the second highest number of volunteer hours reported by a Delta Dental member company!

Northeast Delta Dental is proudly affiliated with Delta Dental Plans Association, the not-for-profit national network of 39 independent Delta Dental companies. Delta Dental is the nation’s largest dental insurance provider. Through its member companies, it covers more than 83 million Americans and offers the nation’s largest dental network of approximately 154,000 participating dentists. Over the last decade, Delta Dental companies provided over $1.8 billion in direct and in-kind support to improve the oral health of the citizens of our country.

Delta Dental Plans Association created the Delta Dental Institute to advance oral health for all Americans in partnership with the Delta Dental companies and other organizations with oral health missions throughout the nation. Its expertise is rooted in Delta Dental’s rich history of oral health leadership. The Institute engages in and supports oral health research, community outreach, and advocacy, to help everyone understand the importance of oral health to overall health and to increase access to care.

Delta Dental Institute’s 2021 Community Impact Report, Our Mission: Your Health, is the third such system-wide report using survey data provided by member companies. The report spotlights how Delta Dental companies improved the oral and overall health of their communities last year. For example, it documents the aggregate investments the companies made both in total dollars ($106 million) and the number of lives impacted (21.3 million). To learn more, read the 2021 Community Impact Report in digital story format and watch a brief video on Delta Dental’s mission to build healthy communities. An interactive map offers the story of one oral health program in each of the 50 states; Washington, D.C.; and Puerto Rico. Find the report at Delta Dental Institute 2021 Community Impact Report

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