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Connecting art and commerce to fuel the creative economy

Since 2002, I’m proud to have served as a board member for the New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts (NHBCA), established in 1984 to connect art and commerce and to help fuel the creative economy. On Wednesday May 11 from 5:00-8:00PM, they will hold their 38th Annual Arts Awards Gala. Northeast Delta Dental is honored to sponsor the Artsbuild Community Award, created in 2019 to recognize the power of collaboration between arts organizations with other nonprofits and municipalities.

Our company has always believed that the arts serve as a strong foundation in our community, and the Artsbuild Community Award underscores our mission to partner with community leaders. These past two years have presented unimaginable challenges and no one is able to meet these challenges alone. Right now, community is key and the arts are a powerful and much needed force of enlightenment, inspiration, and cultural entertainment.

Collaboration between arts organizations and businesses breaks down barriers and provides a platform for two-way education between diverse populations. The synergy that results enables all organizations to work more effectively and productively. Northeast Delta Dental wouldn’t have progressed through this crisis so successfully if it wasn’t for the mutual support of community stakeholders.

The arts provide both a deeper and different perspective on life and can help to break down barriers and build consensus. There are also strong economic advantages to partnering with arts organizations, because creativity is key for cutting through the clutter. Most importantly, when we advocate for the arts, we are advocating for every member of our community, so that he or she can be a more fulfilled and productive member of society.

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