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I enjoy serving as Chair of the New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education leading critical educational efforts such as 65×25, which aims to have 65% of New Hampshire’s 25 to 64 year old population hold a post-secondary degree or relevant credential by 2025.  This is very important to the future of New Hampshire’s workforce.

Ted Dintersmith, a former venture capitalist and a generous educational philanthropist, invested the entire academic year from 2015 to 2016 traveling the country to learn more about what our nation’s schools are doing.  He documented his travels in his new book, What School Could Be.  During his journey, Ted visited more than 200 schools.  His original mission was to increase awareness for the need for innovation in education to position students for a successful future in the fast-paced, competitive, workforce.  Instead, he was inspired by teachers everywhere who are already helping their students through innovative and unique lessons.

When Ted visited New Hampshire, I had the pleasure of speaking with him and sharing my experience.  One of my personal goals during my time as Chair of the NH State Board of Education was to improve student engagement and to this day one of my favorite components of my leadership in the education of our state’s young minds is learning from teachers and sharing best practices.

If you would like to be inspired by the important work of our country’s teachers, I highly recommend reading Ted’s book.  You can find the section on New Hampshire on page 186.


Tom Raffio
April 2018

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