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The Best of the Best

We celebrated National Customer Service Week at Northeast Delta Dental this week. We understand that without customers we don’t exist, and so we set our standards high as we strive to deliver exceptional customer service at the world-class levels all of our constituents – employers, producers, patients, dentists and their staff – have come to expect. This year’s celebration theme was “Visions of Change” and we challenged our employees to imagine the future and what transformations might occur in our business, our products, technology, the economy and lifestyles. Teams brainstormed and stretched their creativity to envision how NEDD would continue to thrive and be responsive to the marketplace; the ideas were boundless. You, who are reading this blog, I ask, what new product or service might you like to see offered in the future? I want to hear from you. Your comment could be the spark that ignites a vision of change.

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