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Northeast Delta Dental honored for Best Practices by the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program

Employers who understand the link between employee well-being and organizational performance are best positioned for success according to the American Psychological Association (APA). At the national Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards ceremony held in Washington, DC on March 6, 2010, Northeast Delta Dental (NEDD) was recognized by the APA, along with only twelve other organizations across the U.S. and Canada, for its comprehensive efforts to provide a healthy workplace.

Through a competitive evaluation and judging process, Northeast Delta Dental was specifically cited as promoting Work-Life Balance by being responsive to employee needs. With a flexible work policy in place since 1995, NEDD, responding to rapidly rising gasoline prices in 2008, added a four-day work week to the mix which helped employees save money on commuting costs and reduce their carbon footprint, plus better manage life’s daily demands while working in an office environment of teamwork and communication. Support for work flexibility begins at the top and the Senior Management team set the tone for empowered employees to make decisions and be accountable for their performance. In turn, the organization has benefited with higher morale, reduced absenteeism, engaged employees, cross-training of staff, and increased employee and customer satisfaction levels. NEDD has been able to attract and retain high-quality employees with a turnover rate in 2009 of just 3.26% versus the 12% industry norm.

Last October, Northeast Delta Dental was one of three New Hampshire organizations honored as a psychologically healthy workplace on the state-level by the New Hampshire Psychological Association.

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